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Do you dare to join Pornhub Casino’s Halloween experience?

Do you dare to join Pornhub Casino’s Halloween experience?
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Halloween is well-known for its fascinating opportunity for adults to dress-up and enjoy the long night of Hallow’s Eve. Naturally, this leads to sexy versions of spooky characters; the half-dead teenage girl, the dangerously seductive witch, the purrfect black pussycat, the tempting red devil, or the half-naked mummy. This also means that this is the perfect time for players to playing. Especially when PornHub Casino has dedicated a specific bonus especially for its daring players who are brave enough to judge the sexy live dealers’ Halloween outfits.


Do you dare?

Are you brave and strong enough to keep your  eyes on the cards while these temptresses show off their sexy outfits and tease you with their seductive dance moves? Then make your way to the Live Blackjack table, Live Blackjack Unlimited table, and Live Roulette table for some spooky devilish activities. On October 30th and 31st the live dealers at PornHubCasino will be all dressed-up and ready for some fun.

I ain’t afraid of no Ghosts! Bring me to Pornhub Casino!

The Halloween Bonuses

In order to enjoy your Halloween experience even more, PornHubCasino is offering all daring players a sexy Halloween bonus between 12:00 on October 30th until 23:69 on October 31st.

Halloween Outfits

The Live Blackjack and Blackjack Unlimited bonuses:

  • Two Queen of Hearts Bonus – Receive two Queen of hearts in a row and win $ 1,000!
  • Two Queen of Hearts Super Bonus – Receive two Queen of hearts in a row while the dealer has a Blackjack and win a grand amount of $ 5,000!
  • Hot Sevens Bonus – Receive three Sevens (7’s) in the same hand that are all suited and win $ 10,000!

The Live Roulette bonus:

  • Wild Zero’s Bonus – If the Roulette ball falls on the Zero four consecutive times, then all the players who have placed bets on all four rounds win a shared prize of $ 100,000!

Use these Halloween bonuses to boost your balance so you can play longer and experience many different sexy Halloween outfits of these sensual Live Dealers.

I can take them! Bring me to Pornhub Casino!

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