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Win $5,000 by winning the Queen’s Heart!

Win $5,000 by winning the Queen’s Heart!
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“Don’t play with a woman’s heart, she’s only got one… play with her breasts, she has two of those”. But in this case, you can do both! By playing the Queen of Hearts twice in one hand, you can win up to $ 5,000 in the live casino until the end of March, so make sure you don’t miss this attractive bonus and play on the sexy Live Blackjack table at PH Casino. You might be winning much more than a cheeky smile from the kinky dealers today!

Queen of Hearts Blackjack Bonus

You have to be quick to make use of this lucrative bonus, as it ends at the end of May! Not only do you have every chance of winning every time you play in the live casino, but you’ll also have a heightend chance of winning extra with these bonuses. All that, and it’s not even tied to a deposit!

2 Queen of Hearts Bonus

Double the trouble, and double the fun! If you get two Queen of Hearts in a round at the sexy live Blackjack table, you win $ 1,000!

2 Queen of Hearts Super Bonus

The word super says it all doesn’t it? If you get two Queens of Hearts in a round at the sexy live Blackjack table, AND the dealer gets a Blackjack, you win $ 5,000! Not bad at all for winning the Queen’s heart, and maybe the sexy live dealer’s heart.

Win the Queen of Hearts Bonus at PH Casino!

Hot 7’s Bonus

An extra, added bonus, just to be generous.  If you manage to get three 7’s in a row in the same hand, and they are ALL the same suit, you win $ 10,000! Not easy to make, but certainly worth a shot!

Terms and Conditions: The above bonuses only apply to the Sexy live Blackjack table, but why would you want to play anywhere else? Only real bets with a minimum of $ 10 are eligible for this bonus. If you have a winning hand for this bonus, take a screenshot, and send it to the support of PH Casino to receive your bonus of up to $ 10k!



Roulette Bonus

Would you rather spin the wheel of fortune at the Roulette table than play cards? Then PH Casino also has something exciting for you: The Wild Zero’s bonus! Sometimes the Roulette ball goes a bit wild and lands on the same number multiple times in a row. If however, this should happen four times in a consecutive row, it’s not only wild, it’s also lucky! If you’ve placed a bet of a minimum of $ 10 on all the rounds that these 0’s took place, take a quick screenshot and send it to the support at PH Casino! This will mean that not only you, but all the other’s participating players at your table will get to share a prize of $ 100,000! This bonus only applied to the sexy live Roulette table.



Deposit Bonus up to $ 1,000!

Want to play with a little extra, without leaving it all up to chance? You can always take advantage of the deposit bonus, available every day in March, simply by using the bonus code “QUEENS” in the promo field when making a deposit. This 100% bonus that will double your deposit up to $ 1,000 is available to use on the sexy live Blackjack tables, as well as the casino slots! Make sure to check the terms and conditions for wagering requirements!

Deposit now at PH Casino for a 100% bonus!

play at the best USA casino

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