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Bikini Party at Pornhub Casino!

Bikini Party at Pornhub Casino!
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Despite the weather dropping outside, Pornhub casino has decided to plan a new promotion for all players: the Bikini Party. During the period of two days, all players will be allowed to enjoy the live dealers in their sexiest bikini outfits. Naturally it isn’t exactly beachy weather at the moment, so you can look forward to seeing hard nipples protruding through the bikini tops.

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Bikini Party Bonus

Naturally, the Bikini Party itself is not the only attractive promotion at Pornhub Casino. Next to scantily clad sexy live dealers you will be able to take advantage of different bonusses at certain live casino tables. Between 10 and 11 December (CST) you will be able to enjoy the Bikini Party as well as bonusses on the Live Blackjack (Unlimited) and Live Roulette tables!


Blackjack and Blackjack Unlimited Bonus

The following bonuses apply for the promotion period of the Lingerie Soiree at either the Blackjack or Blackjack Unlimited table, regardless of your table limits:

  • Two Queen of Hearts Bonus – Did you draw two Queen of Hearts in a row? You win $ 1,000!
  • Two Queen of Hearts Super Bonus – If you get two Queen of hearts in a row and the dealer also has a blackjack, you win a smashing $ 5,000!
  • Hot Seven’s Bonus – Did you receive three seven’s (7s) in a row in the same hand? Are they also all suited? Then you’ve just won $ 10,000!

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Roulette Bonus

The following bonus apply for the promotion period of the Lingerie Soiree at the Roulette table at Pornhub Casino:

  • Wild Zero’s – If you get four number 0’s in a row then you and all the players at that hand split $ 100,000!

Bets placed between this period of time are eligible for the bonuses. A minimum of $ 10 must be wagered to be eligible for these bonuses. These bonuses only apply to valid hands and spins.


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