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Live Blackjack
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Live Blackjack

Just like Live Naked Roulette, Blackjack is an extremely popular casino game throughout the world. The simplicity and exhilaration that this game undoubtably contributes to its popularity. Live Blackjack is usually considered as one of the regular games at online casinos. Most online casinos have a long history in offering blackjack and therefore have many years of experience in meeting the demands and expectations of the players. For many years playing Blackjack was only possible in real casino’s, but now you can not only play at online casinos but you can also play dual-play live casino, which means that you don’t only bet at the online casino but also at the land-based casino.

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Live Blackjack Rules and Strategy

Live Blackjack OPC2

Both the style and the rules of Blackjack will be the same at online casinos that you are used to at land-based casinos. Because of this, it is an easy decision for you to make not to leave your house and instead play Blackjack in the comfort of your own home. The object of Blackjack is to get to 21 points with your received cards, or at least come closer to 21 than the dealer. If you receive anything above a 21, you are bust, and your cards are taken out of the game. The suit or colours of the cards are not important here, the only thing of value is the number on the cards. You start off with two cards, and can continue to click on “hit”, which grants you another card from the dealer, untill you choose to stop or are bust (anything over 21 points).

Many advanced players follow a particular strategy while playing blackjack. It may be that you generally take less risks, or that you’re a risk seeking person by nature and bet high, but remember that every win is also in congruence with the bet. Bet big and win big or bet small and win small. Of course the chances lie quite heavily in the hand you are dealt and the hand that the dealer is dealt. The question is whether you can win through probability and calculations. An example of some strategies are: up until eight points always request another card, and stop if you are above 17. Couples can best be split unless they are two tens. You can find many more strategies online that are in-depth in statistics and methodology.

Royal Vegas Live Blackjack

PLayboy Live Blackjack

Microgaming’s Playboy Blackjack table

At Royal Vegas Casino’s online casino you can choose to play Blackjack at two separate types of Blackjack: the regular blackjack table, or the Playboy Blackjack table.

The Microgaming software offers regular Live Casino and Playboy themed Live Casino. These tables differ not only in regards to the dealers, scenery, or ambiance, but the betting options also vary. At the Playboy Live Blackjack tables the minimum bet chips start at 10, going up to 500 in chips. Thus you can play at the Playboy table with bets ranging from $/€ 10 up to $/€ 10,000! At the regular blackjack table the dealers are more professionally dressed. Even so, these Asian beauties will be sure to keep you entertained, even without bunny ears. Here you can start betting from $/€ 5 up to $/€ 10,000, and also have lower betting chips available, such as 1, 2, and 5. At both of these Microgaming tables it is possible to bet behind a certain player if you are convinced by their cards or playing ability.

Play Live Blackjack at Royal Vegas Casino!

Pornhub Live Blackjack

Pornhub Casino Blackjack

Pornstars at Pornhub Casino’s Live Blackjack table

At Pornhub Casino you can play at two different types of Blackjack tables: porn and regular. Unlike at Royal Vegas casino you have the option to choose your table limits at both these tables. Thus you can choose whether to play with $ 1 up to $ 100, $ 5 up to $ 500, $ 100 up to $ 1,000, or $ 1,000 up to $ 10,000 at the porn table, or with $ 10 up to $ 250, $ 25 up to $ 500, $ 15 up to $ 300, $ 100 up to $ 5,000, $10 up to $1,000, or $ 1,000 up to $ 10,000 at the porn table. Thus, you have more control over your bets even though the table doesn’t change.

The live dealer at the porn Live Blackjack table at Pornhub always stands, or dances, at her table, unlike Royal Vegas, where they are always seated. This means that you can not only experience a more flattering view of the live dealer, but that you can also view other live dealers dancing in the background for more excitement!

At Pornhub Casino you can also choose to play at the Blackjack Unlimited table. This table as the other Blackjack tables, only here you have at least three chances to win. Instead of only being able to bet once, you can bet three times. This means that the dealer can not only hand you one set of cards, but three. Thus, you have three times as much chance that there’s a blackjack hiding in one of the three hands. Other players also have the ability to bet on the same cards. This does not however, change you bet. If you chose to stand while another player choses to hit on the same set of cards the croupiers will show another card for the other player, but it will not the outcome for you.

The live dealers at the regular Live Blackjack tables at Pornhub differ according to which betting option you choose. This also means that you play at a different table with every different betting option. Unfortunately, this can also mean that some tables are not open at all times.

Play Live Blackjack at Pornhub Casino!

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Live Blackjack
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