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A Night with Cleo
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A Night with Cleo

A Night with Cleo is an ancient Egyptian game which includes new flavor to the existing features and to some extent an important Cleopatra themed slot market. This slot game was made by merging an Ancient Egyptian portion and reality TV show portion in design and that undoubtedly is acceptable in the present world. This slot a pretty naughty and cheeky game and it is available at Bovada Casino.

A Night with Cleo slot gameAppearance

The look and feel of A Night with Cleo are pleasing. The available playing card symbols in this slot are colored with various colors such as yellow, blue, pink, brown and green columns for the Jack, Ace, King and Queen symbols available in the slot. Additional thematic imagery consists of different golden amulets, and certainly Queen Cleopatra, in a sexy and cute posture.

The slot was designed for a a mobile-friendly casino, which makes it easy for phone users. Also, most of the action buttons are displayed large and bold, which is more perfect for mouse clicks and finger jabs.

A Night with Cleo Gameplay

The total bet button can be clicked by players to pick wagers which starts from 20p for each spin, up to $200 for each spin on A Night with Cleo slot machine game. The twenty pay lines on the slot can’t be changed, but players can view the payable and stake their winnings from this easy and well-organized gambling menu.

A Night with Cleo GameplayThe Eye of Horus amulets are the best-paying standard symbols in this slot. These can give wins up to 500 coins if 5 on any of the pay lines for the slot are struck in any winning combination. Nevertheless, if players want to keep the non-progressive winnings, they would try to get 5 Cleopatra wilds on a pay line in the slot. In addition, players should know that there is a progressive part in this game. Positioned under the reels is a large money progressive jackpot. This progressive jackpot is earned randomly.

A Night with Cleo Bonuses

Free spin signs are displayed as keyhole icons. It is important to note that players will pocket scattered earnings of 2x, 5x, 20x or 100x the value of their overall stake when they land 2, 3, 4 or 5 of the icons. At least three scatters will also activate the slot’s bonus, which offers fifteen free spins.

Every win is increased because of 3x multiplier in the bonus, keep some funds for the jackpot offering of 5 wilds together. The winning values of all wilds that show in winning combinations will be doubled (save for this wild combo).

Play a Night with Cleo at BovadaConsequently, A Night with Cleo slot game may not be the best slot in the world. But this slot does function as expected as a naughty and entertaining slot. Also, it has a great jackpot that increases with every bet. This jackpot is only available on the Bovada casinos so you won’t get that somewhere else. Thus, if you want to earn more money while you are enjoying a naughty show, you can give this slot a try.

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