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Monopoly Live Review

Monopoly Live Review
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The new offering from Evolution Gaming, Monopoly Live, is a classic Live Roulette game based on Dreamcatcher Live.

It takes the entire experience of the Casino tables online in a more-than-appealing way, letting players feel the suspense and excitement of live casino while adding in elements of Monopoly.

The entire premise of the game is simple enough to grasp: a live game host spins a massive vertically mounted wheel, while players try to predict which segment the wheel is going to stop at. All the while, virtual Mr. Monopoly waits silently, ready to spring into action.

Read on to see if the game really is as fun as the game website says!

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Monopoly Live Game Review

Monopoly Live – How to Play

The Monopoly Live rules are pretty straightforward; players bet on the number that they think the money wheel will stop at. The numbers they can choose from are 1, 2, 5, 10, 2 ROLLS or 4 ROLLS. If the bet turns out to be correct, the player wins a corresponding payout (1 to 1, 2 to 1, 5 to 1, so on)

If the wheel happens to stop on a ‘CHANCE’ segment, each player gets a Chance card from Mr. Monopoly. The card shows either a random multiplier bonus or a random cash prize bonus. The multiplier bonus means that all player bets remain in place, and the wheel is spun again. Whatever the winnings won in this round, the multiplier bonus is multiplied with it to give the total winnings to the players.

To play the Bonus skin, players must have placed bets on ‘4 ROLLS’ or ‘2 ROLLS’. If the wheel stops at either ‘4 ROLLS’ or ‘2 ROLLS’, the Bonus game begins.

how to play this live casino game

Special Highlights

Obviously, the big twist comes from the introduction of the Monopoly-like elements in the standard casino game in the form of a bonus round. To take part in the Bonus game, you’ll have to bet on the 4 ROLLS or 2 ROLLS or both.

Bonus Game

Throughout the game, Mr. Monopoly goes around the board which consists of Utilities, Properties, Railways, Free Parking, Jail, Taxes, Community Chest, and GO, collecting cash prizes for the players who qualify.

Utilities, Free Parking and Properties have basic prizes when you enter the bonus round. When the round begins, hotels and houses will be built on some properties which will increase the prize amount.

The winnings can be kept track of in the Win section on the interface. When there are no more dice left, any winnings that have been generated will be paid along with the initial bet, and then the players return to the main game.

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What can you win in the game?

Here’s a brief look on Monopoly live RTP: the game’s maximum return to player is 96.23% based on a considerable maximum win of $500,000, though the average is around 91.30% to 96.23% overall. Any malfunction that arises during a round will be negated, as all it’s eventual payouts will be voided.

In case that’s too much to remember, here’s a helpful little chart putting everything in context for you:

No. on wheel No. of segments RTP(%) Min bet(€) Max bet(€) Payout
1 22 92.88 0.10 2,500 1:1
2 15 96.23 0.10 2,500 2:1
5 7 91.30 0.10 2,500 5:1
10 4 96.02 0.10 1,000 10:1
Chance 3 N/A 0.10 N/A Cash prize/multiplier
2 roll 3 93.90 0.10 500 Up to €500,000
4 rolls 1 93.67 0.10 250 Up to €500,000

Best Strategy to Play Monopoly Live

Since game-show type live casino is a new trend, all the old-school ideas of betting don’t apply. It’s important to have a clear strategy in mind.

Best strategy to play Monopoly

The aim obviously is to enter bonus game and use the potential payout there, but the path to that is through the Rolls section. As the wheel has 54 sections, there’s a 2/27 chance of reaching bonus round. Play wisely.

Can I Play This on My Mobile?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Using the landscape mode is preferable, though. And the view of previous win rounds is not shown.

Except these drawbacks, the game is as good on Mobile as it is on the desktop. The mobile experience is even more convenient due to portability issues; you can play the game in any comfortable position you like.

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