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Bomb threat at German Casino turns out to be Sex Toy!

Bomb threat at German Casino turns out to be Sex Toy!
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Bomb threat at German Casino turns out to be Sex Toy!

Due to the media bringing attention to ISIS and terrorist attacks over the world, awareness of bomb threats have increased. At US schools bomb threats have increased exponentially in the last few years, with an increase of 143% in the past three years. While it is important to remain vigilant, this can lead to awkward situations when a bomb hoax is unearthed and the supposed “bomb” turns out to be something quite explosive, but in a more sexual way…

Germany Casino evacuated due to Bomb Scare

Bomb Threat Polizei

Last month the German police received a call from a casino in Halberstadt, a town between Hannover and Leipzig, about a strange ticking and humming noise coming from a trashcan in the men’s bathroom. This bomb threat led to the evacuation of the casino and several surrounding businesses. A bomb disposal team was alerted and summoned to the scene, only to call off the threat once the cause of the suspicious sound was found – a vibrating penis ring.

Police Chief Superintendent Peter Woede said that the casino workers acted correctly in alerting the police as the situation could have been much worse. Later he added that “this is something I have never seen in before in 36 years on the workforce, this just tops everything!”

Bomb Threat Penis Ring

Not the first time Sex Toys are seen as Bombs

This isn’t the first time that a sex toy has been labelled as a potential bomb. Last month in the US children found a “strangely formed” object with batteries and wires. They took it to the nearby nursing home to identify the device. The nursing home workers were also clueless of the identity of the product and so brought it outside and alerted the police. The police ware also unsure of the nature of the object, and thus requested the assistance of the bomb squad just to be sure. After the inspection of the bomb squad it became apparent that the device was not a bomb after all, but a homemade vibrating sex toy.

Sex toys Bom Scare gif

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