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16 year old Schoolboy gets to live with a Pornstar for a month after winning a competition!

16 year old Schoolboy gets to live with a Pornstar for a month after winning a competition!
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16 year old Schoolboy gets to live with a Pornstar for a month after winning a competition!

Ruslan Schedrin is possibly one of the luckiest 16 year old boys in the whole of Russia. After winning a competition on a new videogame website, this young man gets to spend a month with the porn star Ekaterina Makarova.

Ruslan and Ekaterina

Competition Prize

A few months ago Ekaterina agreed to be the prize in a competition for the 100,000th visitor to a website selling virtual arms for video games.

Ruslan reacted to the news that he had won the chance to win a whole month with the pornstar Ekaterina with utmost surprise: “I didn’t believe it at first, I thought it was rubbish. But when it turned out to be true, I thanked the website – I was so happy! I called my friends and they did not believe it either. They said ‘What are you talking about?’ Now they are happy for me too. Some of them are envious”. So are we Ruslan, so are we.

Ruslan Schedrin

Ruslan Schedrin is a teenage schoolboy, and in the middle of studying for his exams. Even so, we understand that an opportunity like this is not easier wasted. Naturally, he’s excited by the prospect of living in close quarters with a pornstar for a month. He claims that Ekaterina is just his type and has “good sizes”.

Ruslan’s monther and sister however, are furious. They insist that the prize is completely inappropriate for Ruslan, a 16 year old boy. His mother’s main argument is that he should be concentrating on his education. His mother insists that he should instead accept the prize cash, 100,000 rubles (931 pounds).

Ruslan does have the option of passing on this amazing offer, and passing the prize on to his official representative”, his father. Strangely enough however, his mother was against this idea as well. Ruslan’s mother says he is 16, which is the age of consent in Russia. An official database claims otherwise, listing him as being only 14 years of age. If he is found to be 14 years old, the prize will be passed on to someone else.

Ekaterina Makarova

Ekaterina Macy Ssens

Ekaterina Makarova, known as Macy Ssens in her X-rated movies, hasn’t ruled out having sex with the teenager; “It is not supposed but life is life”. She believe that 16 is a “good age to be independent” and plans on discussing plans with Ruslan about where they should stay together. She also understands that his mother has a say in the matter, “We will negotiate it with his mother too, if he can live in a hotel with me, or fly with me somewhere. He has some exams and studies”. She did add “If he is not comfortable about a hotel, he can stay at home. He has to decide.” It doesn’t sound like a very difficult decision to us…

Ekaterina Macy Ssens2


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