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Good Girl, or Bad Girl?

Good Girl, or Bad Girl?
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It depends on preference; some people love the sweet innocence of the untouched good girls, and others love the unpredictable, wild bad girls. You might like the big, sweet eyes of the beautiful, sweet good girls. You might like the raw, dangerous life that a bad girl brings you. Either way, both types of girls have their own rules of attraction. In the Betsoft slot Good Girl, Bad Girl, these features come to the surface, as well as bonus features!

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Good Girl, Bad Girl Slot

Good Girl Bad Girl Sides

Betsoft is a well-known software providers, especially famous for its 3D slots, of which Good Girl, Bad Girl is one of. In this game, you can also choose whether to play in Heaven or Hell, since this slot has two different play styles. Since this game has two styles, do keep in mind that the bets are doubled, which is important to keep in mind. The features are another attractive part of this videoslot, that make it extra sexy.

Good Girl, Bad Girl Features

One of the attractive Good Girl, Bad Girl features is the “click me” feature, tempting you, but also bringing you extra presents. These are literal presents, since you can open your presents after you have chosen either the good, or the bad side.

Good Girl Bad Girl Wheel Hell

Good Girl, Bad Girl also has two progressive jackpots. This means that a certain percentage of the bet that is placed in the game goes towards the progressive jackpot, that is shared amongst casinos and other games. There is only one way to win this jackpot, and that is through the money bonus wheel feature. Here you can win cash prizes, as well as free spins. While you can win more free spins in the Heaven side, you can win higher cash prizes in the Hell version of the free spins, so choose wisely.

Good Girl Bad Girl Heaven

Play Good Girl, Bad Girl

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