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Bang your way to a fit body with BangFit!

Bang your way to a fit body with BangFit!
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Bang your way to a fit body

Who really actually enjoys grimy gyms, runs in the rain, and daunting diets? Still, we drag ourselves through these forms of exercise in order to maintain a balanced and fit body. But with an office job, where you sit all day, and a car, in which you sit, and a couch on which you sit, it becomes increasingly more difficult to receive the right amount of exercise throughout the week that your body needs. While you may consider the daily bonk a form of exercise, we understand that to actually use sex as a workout you need to know which muscles you want to work on, and which positions work those muscles.


BangFit Positions

This is where the fun starts. Pornhub, as supplier of videos which lead to you again, sitting and staring at the screen as long as possible, have decided to motivate watchers of Pornhub videos to join a new (S)exercise rage: BangFit. BangFit introduces a new way of breaking a sweat while doing something you love! You can join this fitness revolution as a single player, double player, or even multiplayer (well done you)! This way, you can rub, fuck or tumble your way to a tight, sexy body.


BangFit is a sexercise routine designed as a game through the use of coordination, timing, and points. All you have to do is download the BangFit app, wear your mobile around your waist, and coordinate your thrusts, rubs, and humps with the BangFit animation. If your timing is in line with that of the BangFit animation, you receive points, if your off, you don’t. This makes it a race against other players or your partner(s). Let the sexy moves commence and fuck your way to a summer-bod.

Interested in what this sporty sex game looks like? Watch this video that will answer any of your questions:

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